Why Sell Through Robert Cooney?

At Robert Cooney Residential we recognise that buying and selling your home or residential investment is an extremely personal experience, which is why we believe efficient and open communication to be of such great importance. Every one of our fee earners are highly trained and experienced professionals who will go out of his or her way to obtain the best possible price for you and find you the best possible buyer.

Once you have decided to proceed with Robert Cooney Residential, we will ensure everything progresses smoothly and swiftly, handling each and every detail with care and alleviating you of any anxiety.

A matter of trust

When choosing an estate agent, it is important to like and trust the people with whom you will be dealing. With Robert Cooney Residential you will find that all our staff are not just good at what they do, but also open and accommodating. Our staff will be respectful of your needs and wishes at all times and will do everything they can to help.

It is our policy to actively recruit people with excellent communication skills and we run constant training programmes on how best to meet our customers’ needs. This puts Robert Cooney Residential on a level which delivers the best service in not just the estate agency business but in any service industry.

Security is a priority with Robert Cooney Residential. We always insist on checking the validity of interested parties prior to arranging an appointment to view. For example, we always ensure that prospective buyers leave home or office phone numbers – mobile numbers alone are not accepted. We will in most instances also undertake all viewings ourselves, totally alleviating you of any necessity to be present. On the other hand, if you would like to handle viewings yourself, that’s fine too.

Putting our clients first

Quite simply, our clients come first. Our attitude and professionalism has resulted in our handling properties across the price spectrum, yet we always provide the same calibre of service irrespective of property size, location or price.

Whether you instruct us to sell your home or we find you one to buy, with Robert Cooney Residential you know you can expect more than traditional estate agency skills. Our highly effective marketing methods encompass everything from local advertising, mailing and publicising your property on the internet to national advertising, PR and market leading brochure design. Our in-depth local property knowledge and insight is always at your disposal. Clients find it is our distinct personal service that sets us apart. They know they can rely on us to get the results they want, and make their lives easier at the same time. It is obvious by the number of personal recommendations we receive, that we are providing the kind of service people want, which is unique in the industry. The most common criticism of estate agency is the lack of feedback a client receives whilst their property is being marketed – something we address at Robert Cooney Residential through regular structured review meetings with our clients.


Finally, discuss terms. Remember that the estate agent acts for you as a seller rather than for the buyers who usually pay no fees. With estate agents, as with anything else, you tend to get what you pay for, so quality estate agency businesses will typically charge towards the top end of the scale – think very carefully about judging your estate agent based on fees alone. Achieving the best price is most often a seller’s primary objective.

The fee should include printed sales particulars which are mailed to all prospective buyers, a ‘For Sale’ board (where permitted) inclusion on a web site and some level of general advertising. You should establish what is included and excluded prior to any agreement.

What you will also get from an estate agent, which cannot be underestimated, is access to market knowledge and negotiating skills. These will not only help you find the right buyer and obtain the best price, but will save you time. Once a sale has been agreed, your agent will keep everything moving along and should ensure you are kept up to date with its progress.

Reputable agencies should work on the principle of ‘no sale no fee’. This not only means that if they do find you a buyer and for whatever reason you decide not to go through with it, you can walk away without having to pay their fee. In this instance you have to be careful as you still are asked to reimburse any expenses they have incurred.

Beware an estate agent who lacks conviction in negotiating their terms with you as this is a good indicator of an inherent flaw in their ability to command the best price when negotiating with your potential purchaser.