About us

Robert Cooney Residential has a policy of going above and beyond that which is offered by our competitors. We provide a customer experience, which sets us very much apart. As a result, we want you to feel that as soon as you register your requirements with us, we will go that extra mile on your behalf.

Estate agents, by and large, fail to advise potential purchasers upon registration as to how the estate agent/purchaser relationship will be managed. Consequently, many potential purchasers feel their needs to be neglected. At Robert Cooney Residential we clearly set out how our on-going relationship with you will develop and that this relationship will be a joint venture based very much on two-way communication.

Forging a relationship

Building a relationship between you and your agent is a very important during your search for a home. We will contact you with news of suitable new properties but it is wise for you to also make contact with us at regular intervals. The closer our relationship, the better the understanding between us, and the better the understanding between us, the greater the likelihood of an effective outcome.

Selling your property

If you need to sell your property in order to buy, then placing your home on the market with Robert Cooney Residential is a good place to start. Your credibility as a potential purchaser is greatly enhanced in the eyes of estate agents, once you have made this sign of commitment to taking the process forward.


You will be registered with us for a specific period of time. If you do not hear from us as regularly as you would like, this is very likely to mean that a suitable property has not yet come onto the market. By getting in touch with us at regular intervals yourself, we can gain a much greater understanding of exactly what you are looking for and this can help identify the most relevant properties for you.

Special requirements

If you have very specific property requirements, then it is all the more important that you keep in regular contact with our office staff because your search may take that little bit longer. You may wish to consider our specialist house buying service, SEARCH which offers a more competitive service than is available elsewhere in the Industry.
As well as registering with your Robert Cooney Residential branch, another excellent way to keep up-to-date with the availability of properties suited to your requirements is to register on this website. This means we will automatically update you by e-mail as soon as suitable properties come onto the market. Registering with the major property portals is also recommended, so www.primelocation.com and www.rightmove.co.uk should complete your internet search requirements.